Tooth Chart Collection and More

The folks at DentalWatch have attempted to make tooth-and-organ relationships seem like foolishness. For a better understanding of the true agenda behind this mud-slinging “watch dog” group, read this article.

Free Baby Tooth Chart – Fun tooth development chart shows normal target ranges for the arrival of new teeth and allows mom to record the actual arrival date for memory’s sake.

Tooth Eruption Chart – Indicates approximate ages for appearance of each temporary and permanent tooth.

Tongue Diagnosis – A very superficial introduction to what a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine is thinking when they look at the tongue. These two sites offer additional information:
Tongue Diagnosis 2
Tongue Diagnosis 3

Spine/Nerve Simulator – All body functions are controlled and coordinated by an extensive neural network continually sending and receiving electrical impulses to and from the brain. Explore which areas of the body are influenced by different areas of the spine.


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